AHI Trains the Trainers

E-FLHE is an internet-based programme aimed at providing information for adolescents on Reproductive Health, Family Life and HIV/AIDS. It is tagged ‘Learning about Living’. This electronic version was introduced in 2007 and developed using the approved national FLHE curriculum in Nigeria. The project involves many activities among which is the Train-The-Trainers’ workshop organized for teachers on November 12 and 13, 2007.

The workshop aimed at giving effective training to teachers from the two demonstration schools (Queens’ College and Makoya Junior Secondary School) so they can be comfortable while facilitating the lessons for students in school during the demonstration phases.

High points of the workshop were training sessions which were divided into morning and afternoon sessions. The morning session featured topics such as Friendship, Goal-setting, STIs and HIV/AIDS. During the afternoon session, participants listened to a presentation on facilitation skills, experiential learning, warm-ups and computer preparation. Also various paper were presented on advocacy which centered on such major issues as availability of computers, infrastructural facilities, technical manpower, power supply, maintenance, environment and administrative bottlenecks.

Other activities carried out include demonstration by and feedback from trained teachers. Topics to be covered during the demonstration period January and May 2008 include Body Image, Abstinence, Communication, Body Abuse, Values etc. Participants were given opportunity to air their views on the e-FLHE lessons and the practicality of using it in schools.

During the implementation period, Makoya Junior Secondary School plans to adopt Newland Junior Secondary School, while Queens’ College plans to adopt the Federal School of Science and Technology and Kings’ College, Lagos.

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