Awareness Outreach To Fadeyi and Somolu

As part of AHI’s efforts towards creating more awareness about its programmes and activities, an outreach was conducted by young people to Fadeyi and Somolu communities on 1st February.

The young people successfully sensitized both adults and young people in the designated communities about adolescents’ sexual health and reproductive concerns and the need for positive action to improve their health status. The occasion was also used to inform them about AHI’s programmes and facilities.

The 55 member outreach team sang and danced round the two communities and distributed information booklets to everyone they saw or spoke with. Some of the community members requested for a description of AHI’s location and promised to send their children to the youth centre. The young people were particularly happy to meet a teenage mother who also agreed to visit the Youth Centre. She was delighted to know that she could participate in AHI’s programmes and services.

The young people found the outreach experience very exciting and rewarding and suggested that more drums and aprons be provided for the next outreach activity.

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