Book Launch: A Tapestry of Human Sexuality in Africa

A new book titled “A Tapestry of Human Sexuality in Africa” published by Jacana Media in association with Action Health Incorporated and the Africa Regional Sexuality Resource Centre was launched recently in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, during the 4th Africa Conference on Sexuality Health and Rights from 7th-12th February 2010 at the UNECA Conference Centre, Addis Abba Ethiopia.

The book is a collection of research reports of the 2007 Sexuality Leadership Development Fellowship Programme of the Africa Regional Sexuality Resource Centre. The book is a collection of papers that intricately examine human sexuality on the continent such as the sexual health needs of those with HIV/AIDS (In Nigeria), sexual violence in a Nigeria university, print coverage of gender-based in Kenya, and Female Genital Cutting (FGC).

It is an impressively researched, informative collection of 18 essays by young professionals drawn from Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, and South Africa. In each essay the author succinctly outlines methodology usually a combination of a qualitative and quantitative analysis. This is a wonderful book, and a most moving one. And its research methods are impeccable. The publication which was launched on the 10th of February 2010 had in attendance over 100 conference delegates.

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