Boy Scouts Sensitized on Drug Abuse

As part of the Annual District Camp of Yaba Local Association of Lagos State Boy Scouts, a lecture on “Children and Drug Abuse” was organized for members of the Boy Scouts Movement on Saturday, November 3, 2007 at University of Lagos Staff School.

The participants aged 9 – 16 years were drawn from various schools in Somolu, Mainlaind and Yaba Local Government Areas of Lagos State.

Information on what constitutes drug abuse; examples of drug abuse; the predisposing factors of drug abuse; consequences of drug abuse as well as the ways of preventing drug abuse were highlighted. The programme was participatory as participants took turns to share their experiences or the experiences of their neighbor who smoke, drink or indulge in self-medication. Questions such as: What are the types of drugs that young people abuse? Can somebody abuse “Paracetamol”? Is it good to take paracetamol every day to prevent pain?

With the examples of drug that people abuse, does it mean that parents or family members who smoke or take alcohol are abusing drugs? Why does the government encourage the production of alcohol when they are aware that it is not good for the health? Why does the government encourage the production of cigarette when they are aware that it is dangerous to the human health? All these were duly answered by the facilitators of the programme. More than forty (40) students attended the programme.

The Boy Scouts is a membership organization that provides leadership skills training for young people with the support of adult coordinators. It was founded in 1907 in the United Kingdom by Sir Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell and it started in Nigeria 1914 and in Yaba District in 1970. It has various activities which focus on stamina, endurance, creativity and companionship.


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