Dear Diary by Adeola Faseyi


Thursday and Friday was our mid-term break so we could not get to see the counselor as planned. But we went to see her after our English class. As we sat in the counselor’s office explaining all that we knew about Ozomma’s pregnancy, Tammy’s dad walked in. I felt my heart skip a beat, when I saw the two police officers behind him. He immediately stated his reason for the visit, after they exchanged pleasantries. He had stumbled on Ozomma’s letter, read it and reported the case to the police station. . He was happy that we were already talking to someone about it, so he just asked that the school counselor release one or two of us to take him to the culprit’s house. Mrs. Alabeni, our Civic Education teacher went with us too. As we got to Ozomma’s house, we walked in to find a gory sight, and were just forced to imagine how this gruesome Uncle of hers must have been forcing her to have sex with him. He was so disgusting!!

 Dear Diary Break


The culprit was arrested yesterday; there was no need for cross-examination as he was caught red-handed with yet another girl, of about 14 to 15 years old, pulling down her pants while she lay on the couch unconsciously. Only God knows what he must have given her that made her pass out. The girl was dropped at the nearest General hospital, we at our school and he was zoomed off to the police station, I hope he is zoomed off to jail from there.

I told mum all that had gone down. When we had our night devotion, she prayed for Ozomma to return safely and I said ‘AMEN’ like never before.

I miss my friend!

Dear Diary Break


Guess what? Ozomma called today and narrated to us on the phone how she woke up the morning after she left the house in a hospital. She later found out that a woman had picked her up by the roadside where she had passed out, somewhere in the outskirts of Lagos. With mixed feelings, Ozomma announced to us that she had lost her pregnancy. After school today, Tammy, Khadijat and I had gone straight to the counselor’s office to let her know that we had been able to reach Ozomma. She immediately collected her phone number and dialed it, it wasn’t long before a lady picked up to ask who we were and then gave Ozomma the phone to talk to us. She sounded a lot stronger and more alive, the smiles on our faces as we took turns to speak to our friend was priceless.

Dear Diary Break


Counselor had found out the address of the hospital from the lady who first picked yesterday and she and Mrs Alabeni had gone to see Ozomma today. We begged that we be allowed to go with them but our request was not granted. One, because we needed to be in all classes and not miss any as exams are fast approaching and two, because Mr Tikolo the weirdest teacher in the school decided to conduct his test  today of all days.

Dear Diary Break


Today was yet another day without Ozomma. Irrespective of how much we tried to make school lively for us, it just wasn’t fun without our friend. During break, we decided to buy chocolate bread with tasty time instead of the usual, sausage roll and yoghurt. One new girl in our class that enrolled almost at the middle of the term, asked to join us. We agreed!

Dear Diary Break


We agreed yesterday to meet today, so my friends and I met at my church today. Tammy also came for rehearsals, so Khadijat, joined us when we were done. She came with her elder sister’s phone; she had borrowed it so that we can all try Ozomma’s number together. We sat somewhere at the back of the empty church auditorium and Khadijat punched in the numbers on the phone. Before the call went through, I interrupted them, showing them what that new girl had scribbled and given to me. It read

“J IBWF B DPQZ PG PVS….  Just be my friend first”. We could have spent more time trying to decode those letters but we had to go home early, so that we can study for exams. So we left it for break time on Monday.

Dear Diary Break


Back from church, while having the usual rice and stew at the dining table; mum looked confused at me and said   “I had a dream about you, but I will tell you after dinner.”… I just hoped she would tell me already. After dinner,  she began..

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