Embarrassing Moment

I just can’t forget the day time got back at me… It was my most embarrassing day. I had my alarm fixed for 6:00 am because I did not want to take chances with getting late for the Teenage Festival of Life that was to commence by 8:00 am. When my clock woke me, I said to myself “A little more sleep, a little more slumber” and I slumped back into bed only to wake up by 7:10 am. I hurriedly got prepared and off I went. When I got to Yaba, behold a long queue in front of the campus shuttle.

All in the queue looked relaxed and in no hurry to be anywhere, I just couldn’t imagine myself in that queue. I bumped to the front of the queue but was ordered out and sent to the back by an officer, “You won’t understand sir am so late I don’t have time, I need to get into that bus and right now” I blurted to the officer. The so called humble faces on the queue began yelling at me “Would you get to the back” Why did you not leave your home early?” “I am late for an exam yet I am on the queue, what excuses have you?” I just stood rooted to the ground I could not even move to the back until after a while. I still had to join the queue that I could have earlier on joined quietly. I just left there so embarrassed, all because I had procrastinated.

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