Planning Workshop for Sexuality Education in Lagos State

Following the approval of Sexuality Education for schools by the National Council on Education, the Lagos State Ministry of Education has taken the lead in efforts to integrate the subject into its public schools’ Scheme of Work. To ensure a smooth implementation of the project, a planning workshop was held at the Training and Conference Centre (TCC) Ogere from 26th – 31st January.

The workshop was conducted by the Lagos State Ministry of Education in collaboration with Action Health Incorporated and funding from the Ford Foundation. The participants at the workshop were from three departments in the Ministry of Education, (Curriculum Services, Inspectorate Division and Planning, Research & Statistics); others included Professors from the Faculties of Education and Dept. of Psychology of the University of Lagos, a Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant, representatives of the Action Health Incorporated and the Ford Foundation. At the end of the planning workshop, a communique was issued, specifying the roles and responsibilities of the Ministry of Education (MOE) and Action Health Incorporated (AHI).

It was agreed that the following activities would be conducted within a specified time frame: situation analysis, drafting and signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between AHI and the Ministry of Education, identification and selection of pilot schools, screening and selection of teachers, sensitization of key stakeholders, training of teachers, provision of resource materials, capacity building of MOE officials, commencement of classroom teaching in pilot schools, monitoring and evaluation for sustainability of the project and project documentation and dissemination.

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