Reproductive Health Services: A Right

To sensitize the general public on the need for improved health care services for women, 28th of May has been set aside to commemorate the International Day of Action on Women’s Health all over the world.

The Guest Speaker for the occasion, Miss Florence Idowu, PTA Health Counselor National College, Gbagada, gave a presentation on “Adolescent Reproductive Health Services: A Right”. She said that, the reproductive health of adolescents should be given every opportunity to develop to their full potential as healthy individuals, to learn how to plan for and rear healthy children, and also how to the dangers to themselves and to the society of having children too young and too often”.

A part of the Day’s activities the AHI Drama Troupe presented a short drama titled: “This is not life”. The drama dealt with the various problems adolescents encounter as they grow and their difficulties with coping.

In conclusion, it was agreed that greater effort need to be directed at the dealing with the special needs of young people, and appropriate services must be made available. As long as these problems are allowed to persist, much of the energy, creativity and idealism of youths will be lost to society as a whole.

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