Resources – June 1998

The materials listed here are resources on peer pressure, drugs, tobacco and alcohol. Although AHI does not distribute any of these materials; they are available for use within our reference library at AHI Youth Centre.


Tobacco: The Real Story by David R. Stronck

This book tells you the facts about smoking and chewing tobacco. Many young people don’t really make a choice about using tobacco. They let others tell them what to do. This book gives you the information you need to make your own decision about what is wrong with using tobacco, the health problems associated with smoking and how to say no to tobacco.

Everything you Need To Know About Drug Abuse by Jacqueline A. Ball

Another book in the Need to Know Library series, teenagers face daily pressure to adopt behaviours which sooner or later affect their health. This book gives an in-depth explanation about drugs, a clear and lucid explanation about the dangerous effect of addiction, how to get off the hook, and how to get what they want out of life without resorting to smoking, excessive drinking, or violence.

Saying No To Tobacco: A Teacher’s Guide by Nancy Abbey & Ellen Wagam

The book is the teacher’s guide to an innovative new approach to preventing the use of tobacco by pre-adolescents. It gives a background information about tobacco and provides a structured sequency of classroom activities like simple role plays and small group discussions to help young people resist peer pressure and say no to tobacco.

How To Say No and Keep Your Friends: Peer Pressure Reversal for Teens and Preteens by Sharon Scott

This book is about dealing with negative peer pressure. Sometimes, it is hard for teenagers to say no when their friends are kidding, teasing or trying to verbally force them into difficult situations.
All teens and pre-teens will face difficult decisions at some point about drug use, sexuality, copying school work, rules at home and in the community and fighting – areas that can be too confusing to consider clearly, especially when friends are putting on the  pressure.


Drugs And Alcohol Part 1

Comedian/teen counselor, Michael Pritchard toured the US to talk with high school students about how they make choices in life. The TV cameras followed him to 26 cities as he thrilled high school audiences with unusual comedy growing up and led groups of students in exciting brainstorming sessions about problems that affects their lives. The result is this scintillating TV series, which explores the challenges of making positive choices in complicated world.

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