Success Digest – Goals Setting

Tips on Setting Effective and Exciting Goals to Help You Succeed

Goal setting is something a person works to accomplish. It can be described as a proposed achievement or accomplishment towards which efforts are directed. People, who achieve their goals generally, are those who take time to clarity define what they want and pursue it realistically.

Here are some success strategies to follow in order to help you through the process of effective goals setting.

1. Effective goals setting needs time to ponder

A wishful thought will always remain a wishful thought. The thought comes into your mind as a nice idea and that is all it will be-a nice idea, unless you give that thought some real thought! So make sure that you allocate a reasonable amount of time to sit down and think about everything on your wish list-what do you want to be, where do you want to go……take time to allow your mind to wonder, play in the midst of your imagination, and really unfold all your dreams and desires!

2. Effective goals setting requires putting pen to paper

I don’t know about you, but if I had to really think hard, I could probably come up with countless ideas that I have come up with over the years that have continuously forgotten about, or never being able to get round to doing-simply because I haven’t written them down! We are inclined to forget to think about all your brilliant idea, concept and unexecuted plans that you have come up with in the past and at present that you would love to follow through on – and remember, the secret of success here lives in putting pen to paper, so write them down! Who knows what information you have been hiding from yourself all these years simply because you forget about it!

3. Effective goals setting should be practical

Now that you have been to cloud nine and back in dreamland, the secret of success lies in being able to be practical. I am not saying that you must not dream big, by all means, dream up mountains of ideas and wishes if you desire – those items can form part of your near and distant vision for you and your life. But in order to achieve a tangible and effective goals setting plan, you need to think about all the things that are perhaps very much out of your comfort Zone – yet possible (with a little hard work) to set goals that are 20% out of your comfort Zone, and not less. The reality is, if you are comfortable in your actions, you are no doubt doing the same thing that you are used to doing that will get you the same results! You need to do things differently and get out of your comfort zone and into action (whilst not living in the clouds!)

4. Effective goals setting requires clear and defined actions

“One day I will become self-employed”. “One day I will become a millionaire”. “One day I will…..” “One day may just be the day before you die if you don’t get clear on when it is you want “one day” to be! By setting such open-ended goals you are simply allowing yourself a back-door escape for in-action. The secrets of success for your goals setting depends on your time-line that you define in order to hold yourself accountable and to keep your momentum going in order reach your “deadline,” otherwise you will be a wishful thinker and not a goal-getter! Don’t forget also clarify your goals for yourself – the more specific you are on what you want to achieve, the more you program your conscious and sub-conscious to help the specifics become reality. Don’t leave anything open for interpretation, you may become self-employed one day, but you may not be as successful as you would like to be – unless you define clearly the degree to which you want your goals fulfilled.

5. Effective goals setting involves motivation

In order to consistently stick to your goals, you should plan mini-rewards for yourself along the way in order to keep yourself motivated.  Treat yourself to a day out, a dinner out, a shopping spree, whatever tickles your fantasy – but make sure that the reward is per-defined before you reach your intended goal. Success strategies such as high impact equal high results can help you enjoy your achievements with love and gratification towards yourself – there no need to feel guilty for treating yourself, why? Because you know that you deserve it!




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