Watch Your Manners: Work Ethics

Work ethics is a set of values and diligence. It is also a belief in the moral benefit of work and its ability to enhance character. Workers exhibiting a good work ethic in theory (and ideally in practice) will usually be selected for better positions, more responsibilities and ultimately promotion. Workers who fail to exhibit good work ethic may be regarded as failing to provide fair value for then wage the employer is paying them and may not be promoted or placed in positions of greater responsibility. Whether you intent to take up paid employment or start or start up your own company in the near future, work ethic Is crucial to your survival in the business world. Business and industry leaders have identified essential work ethics that should be taught and practiced in order to develop a viable and effective workforce. The ten traits of a person with a good work ethics are identified below:

Attendance: A student with good work ethics attends work regularly, arrives and leaves on time. He/ She notifies the instructor in advance of planned absences; and makes up assignments punctuality.

Character: Character is a blend of several qualities that form a wonderful product which is evident in your conduct. A person who has character displays loyalty, honesty, trustworthiness, initiative, self-discipline, and self-responsibility. These traits are displayed in the open as well as private, when other people are not watching.

Team Work: A young person with work ethics respect rights of others. He/ she is a team worker, cooperative, and assertive. Such a person displays a customer service attitude, seeks opportunity for continuous learning, and displays mannerly behavior.

Appearance: it is common knowledge that people are generally addressed the way they are dressed. Ensure that you display appropriate dressing, grooming, hygiene and etiquette. Each organization has its own dress code and code of conduct.

Attitude: A positive attitude is like sweet smelling aroma-it soon spread round. You cannot hide it. Demonstrate a positive attitude, appear self-confident; and have realistic expectations of self.

Productivity: Companies pay premium to achieve results. Business enterprises are built on profit-making. Big reward awaits workers who follow safety practices, conserve materials; keep work area neat and clean, and follow direction and procedures. Flouting any of the rules can ultimately cost the institution a huge amount of money in maintenance and repair that could have been otherwise channeled into increased productivity.

Organization Skills: A person with good organization skills manifests skill in personal management, time management, priority, flexibility, stress management, and dealing with change. How you manage your time and prioritize the things you plan to achieve tell a lot about you and could be a pointer to how you organized you could be in the future.

Communication:  Communicate involves passing across information to a second party in the most effective way. If the intended receiver of the information does not understand, then communication has not taken place. In the vein, information has to be clearly transferred to the receiving party. A good worker should display appropriate nonverbal and verbal skills.

Respect: Ensure that you deal appropriately with cultural/racial diversity and do not engage in harassment of any kind.


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