Your Sexuality Questions Answered: 10 Facts about Teenage Pregnancy

There are so many stories around sex and pregnancy that it is so hard to know what to believe. Find out about the facts – it’s the best way to make sure that you are safe rather than sorry.

Can you get pregnant the first time you have sex?

Yes, you can get pregnant the first time you have sex. You may have heard that a girl can’t get pregnant the first time she has sex. The truth is, if a boy and a girl have sex without using contraceptives, the girl can get pregnant even if it’s her first time. A boy can get a girl pregnant the first time he is having sex too.

If a female have sex, she can get pregnant in as much as she is ovulating (releasing eggs), this happens before you have your first period.  You may also have heard the myth that you need to have sex lots of times to get pregnant. The truth is, you can get pregnant if you have sex once. All it takes is for the sperm to meet the egg.

Can you get pregnant if a boy withdraws (pulls out) before he ejaculates?

Yes, you can get pregnant if a boy withdraws (pulls out) his penis before he ejaculates (releases). The truth is, pulling out the penis will not stop a girl from getting pregnant. Before a boy ejaculates, there’s sperm in the pre-ejaculatory fluid (pre-cum), which leaks out when he gets excited. It only takes a sperm to get a girl pregnant. Pre-cum can also contain sexually transmitted infections (STIs), so withdrawing the penis will not prevent you from getting an infection.

If a boy says he will be careful to withdraw before he ejaculates, don’t believe him because nobody can stop himself from ejaculating sperm before it comes.  You must always use condom and other contraceptives to protect yourself against STIs and unwanted pregnancy.

Is it possible for a girl to get pregnant during non-penetrating sex?

Yes, even if the penis does not penetrate the vagina, if semen or pre-ejaculate (pre-cum) comes in contact with the opening of the vagina or the vulva, the sperm may survive and travel up the vaginal canal, through the cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes. If a girl or woman is ovulating (releasing egg), or about to ovulate, there is a possibility that the sperm can fertilize an egg in the fallopian tubes, resulting in pregnancy.

Can you get pregnant if you have sex during your period?

Yes, you can get pregnant if you have sex during your period. It is a myth that a girl can’t get pregnant if she has sex during her period. The truth is, she can get pregnant at any time of the month if she has sex without contraception.  This is possible because of the life cycle of the sperm and egg cells. In a woman’s body, the egg cell can live for about 24 hours after it has been released from the ovary (this is called ovulation). On the other hand, sperm can live for five to seven days inside a woman’s body, particularly in the presence of fertile cervical fluid (this looks like egg-white). Sometimes, fertile cervical fluid can be present towards the end of her period. Since sperm can live up to seven days in this fluid, it is possible for a woman to get pregnant if she ovulates within that time frame.

Can you get pregnant if you have sex standing up?

Yes, you can get pregnant if you have sex standing up. It is a myth that a girl can’t get pregnant if she has sex standing up, sitting down, or if she jumps up and down afterwards. The truth is, there’s no such thing as a ‘safe’ position if you’re having sex without a condom or any other form of contraception.  There are also no ‘safe’ places to have sex; pregnancy can happen whatever position you do it in, and wherever you do it. All that is needed is for a sperm to meet an egg.

Can a girl get pregnant from oral sex?

No, a girl can’t get pregnant by having oral sex, even if she swallows sperm. However, one can definitely contract sexually transmitted infections (STIs) through oral sex, like gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes etc. It’s safer to use a condom on a penis, and a dam (a very thin, soft rubber square that acts as a barrier) over the female genitals if you have oral sex.

Can you use nylon wrapper as a condom?

No, you can’t use a nylon wrapper or rubber bag or anything else instead of a condom. They won’t work.  Only a condom can protect against STIs. Also, don’t believe anyone who says that you can wash condoms and use them again. The truth is, you can’t use a condom more than once because it is very likely to break or fail.

Can a girl still have her period and be pregnant?

After a girl is pregnant, she no longer gets her period. But girls who are pregnant can have other bleeding that might look like a period. For example, there can be a small amount of bleeding when a fertilized egg implants in the uterus. It’s called implantation bleeding. It usually happens around the same time a girl would normally get her period.

How does a girl know when she’s pregnant?

The most common signs of pregnancy are: missed or unusually short menstrual periods; unusually thick vaginal discharge that is not foul smelling; thickening of the waist without significant weight gain; mood swings or tiredness/ fatigue; headaches or nausea unrelated to illness; sudden vomiting spells that come on and go away quickly, and/or unrelenting waves of vomiting unrelated to illness; very sore or painfully tender breasts.

However, it is important to know that pregnancy symptoms vary in individuals and as such a person can present with one or more of the above symptoms. The surest and best way to determine if one is pregnant is to take a pregnancy test.

Can taking mixtures like baking soda, traditional herbal drinks (agbo), gin and alabukun cause abortion?

No, this is not true. Abortion is the removal of pregnancy or forcing out from the womb a fetus or embryo before it has obtained the ability to survive on its own. An abortion can occur spontaneously, in which case it is often called a Miscarriage. It can also be purposely caused in which case it is known as an Induced abortion.  Unfortunately, there are many claims that some herbal preparations and various drinks can induce the ending of a pregnancy even when the effectiveness of any of these claims are extremely doubtful because these substances cannot cause contraction of the uterus which will force the fetus out or reduce the hormones that promote growth of the fetus. However, taking these substances certainly carry very negative side effects from the toxicity they can cause and many young women lose their lives every day to such unsafe practices.


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