Dear BJ & JJ

Dear BJ & JJ:

Should you fight back if someone is trying to rape you? I’ve heard that if you do, you’re likely to be killed. Or even if you fight back, it will make him even more angry and he’ll hurt you more.


Dear Worried:

Research studies show that the opposite is more likely. These studies found that you can help your chances to avoid rape by physical resistance. Also, they indicated that he sooner you are assertive when you think there is a problem, the more likely you are to stop the rape.

Dear BJ & JJ:

How can I physically protect myself?

Strong & Able.

Dear Strong & Able:

Begin with a loud aggressive yell. A yell can intimidate the offender, build your confidence and improve your strength. Apply your greatest force to his weakest point. Your greatest force may be your fist, feet, elbow, knee or head.

Dear BJ & JJ:

I’ve heard that if you throw-up or tell the rapist that you are having your period, it will gross him out so much, he’ll quit and walk away. I think it would be better to try to talk him out of it or cry. Am I right?


Dear Wondering:

Pleading, crying, or grossing him out doesn’t usually help. Fighting, yelling and attempting to get away are more likely to prevent the rape.

Dear BJ & JJ:

I was wondering, do women ever rape men?


Dear Curious:

Yes, but not very often. Usually men and boys are raped by other men.

Dear BJ & JJ:

Do women enjoy being raped?


Dear Dreaming:

No one enjoys being hurt or losing control. Many women fantasize about sex. However, in their fantasies, they always have control over who they are with, what takes place, and how it feels. In a rape, the woman has no control over the person or what happens. Also, fantasizing or thinking about something, doesn’t necessarily mean you want it to happen.

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