NGO Sustainability Workshop in Côte d’Iviore

AHI participated at the NGO Strategies for Sustainable Development Conference held from April 7-10, 1998 in Assinie, Cote d’Iviore. The purposes of the workshop were  to explore practical strategies to increase organizational and financial sustainability; identify “best practices” used by NGOs and Micro enterprises and Cooperatives to achieve such sustainability; and analyses participants’ own organizations to give them practical tools to apply toward their own greater sustainability.

This workshop was designed for NGOs, which are greatly dependent on donor grants to support delivery of their services; micro enterprises organization, which are partially dependent on donor grants; and cooperatives which are interested in strengthening their bases of sustainability.

This workshop included active learning methods assessment exercises, cases discussions, small group work and individual and group planning exercised to apply back home. The main goal of the technical session was to stimulate better understanding of best practices to build financial and organizational sustainability at the community level, and to help participants take these back to their own organizations and communities.

AHI’s team at the workshop included Dr. Uwem Esiet, AHI’s Co-founder/Trustee, Miss Sade Coker, Accounts and Administration Manager, and Mrs. Dolapo Adefioye, Programme Officer.

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