Public Health Nurses Trained

A-5 days training for 23 Public Health nurses from the school of public Health, Ikoyi, Lagos was conducted by Action Health Incorporated (AHI) in October, 2009. The training which took place at AHI youth friendly center focused on building their capacity in Human Sexuality and Adolescence Friendly Health Services as well as improving their comfort level in discussing sexuality issues. It also aimed at promoting learning in the field of adolescent health and increase access to youth friendly facility that respond to the needs of adolescents, youth service providers, researchers and health providers in Nigeria.

Various methodologies were employed in the training such as role plays, group discussions, question and answer, pre-test/post-test and energizers. Training sessions covered areas such as the Introduction of Human sexuality which bordered on the dimensions and components of sexuality, sources of sexual learning, relevance of human sexuality to provision of health services, and how sexuality improves health services provisions.  Other areas includes an overview of Adolescents Sexual Health in Nigeria; Sexually across life span/sources of Sexual Learning; Sexual Attitudes and Values Clarification; STIs and HIV/AIDS; Communicating about Sexuality; Principles of AYFHS/Facility/Provider’s Characteristics; Client Flow Procedure/Follow-up and Referrals including Home visits; Clients’ General/Psychosocial History Taking; Teenage  Pregnancy/ Pregnancy Options Counseling; Contraception; Breast and Testicular Self Examination; Sexual Orientation and Implication for Service Delivery; Assessing AYFHS; Data Collection Method; Sexual abuse And Finding Help.

At the end of the training, participants had the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge acquired in AYFHS provision through practicum and consultation.

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