Sexuality Education At Pacelli School For The Blind

Students of the Pacelli School For The Blind are not likely to forget the training which took place in their school on February 19th. It was a special training on adolescent sexuality conducted by the Networking Forum on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Nigeria. The initially timid students soon warmed up to their facilitators as the interactive. The boys and girls giggled as they exchanged views about pubertal changes and ways to cope. The young people were assured that it was normal to have the experiences they described and not see themselves as different from others.

The students also had a lot to say during the Body Image and Self-Esteem classes. A lot of them were proud of their looks and felt good about themselves. The facilitators reinforced this positive feelings. Those who had low self-esteem were also encouraged by the stories told by their peers.

The young people also found the topic, Sexual Abuse and Finding Help very useful. They were informed to report to a trusted adult if anyone touched them in a way that made them uncomfortable. The last session which focused on STIs and HIV/AIDS was very informative and the young people had their minds put at rest as the myths presented were dispelled. They also learnt about prevention and models of contracting the disease, and living positively with those infected with the virus.

The various sessions were conducted in two separate groups for different age categories and facilitated by representatives of four member organizations of the Networking Forum – Planned Parenthood of Nigeria; Inter Africa Committee; Society For Women and AIDS in Africa, Nigeria Chapter; and Action Health Incorporated. The facilitators were also able to answer the many questions of the students, including whether the eggs in females have shells, why some people are short and others are tall, why girls have menstrual pains and whether the pains are relieved by having sex, what a person who has already been abused should do, and whether mosquitoes transmit HIV.

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