Sexuality I.Q. Test Answers – Know Your Score

Even one wrong answer means you might need more information. The more questions you answer wrongly, the more important it is that you talk to someone and get some straight facts.



1.       FALSE. Anybody of any age can buy condom and they are available in any chemist or family planning clinics and hospital.

2.       TRUE. People who don’t make love often are most apt to do it on the spur of the moment. Be prepared! But carrying in breast or hip pocket for weeks can weaken the rubber by body heat. Be careful.

3.       FALSE. Non-medicated condoms work by catching and holding semen after a man “comes” to prevent sperm from entering the woman’s body.

4.       TRUE. Withdrawal is high risk, because timing and self-control are so important. If any sperm leak into the woman’s body, pregnancy could happen.

5.       FALSE. There’s no right age or right time, expect what you ride for yourself. That feeling usually comes from developing a sense of responsibility and awareness of other people.

6.       FALSE. Being a man means knowing your own worth, so you don’t have to prove anything to yourself. That feeling usually comes from awareness of other people.

7.       FALSE. There are tricks or lines to try to pressure a woman into saying YES. There’s no guarantee she’ll fall for that. And it usually means that the man doesn’t respect himself.

8.       FALSE. A woman may choose to say NO, because she’s not ready for sex, not sure of the relationship, concerned about STDs, or unintended pregnancy.

9.       TRUE. Breaking up often is painful, but no more painful than not facing reality. Pretending emotion you don’t feel and saying things you don’t mean, isn’t fair to her or you.

10.   FALSE. Once she starts menstruating, a woman is capable of getting pregnant, whatever her age, whether it’s the first time and no matter what position she has sex in.

11.   TRUE. Feelings of love and sexual desire are very exciting new experiences for teenagers. It’s easy to fantasize that the first love will be an enduring one. And sometimes it is. But putting it to the test of earning a living, and becoming a parent may be too much too soon.

12.   FALSE. It could be that you’re just not ready for romantic relationships with women yet. If the thought of being homosexual makes you nervous or upset, try talking to a trusted friend, teacher or counselor.

13.   FALSE. Just because a guy likes you doesn’t mean he’s a homosexual. It’s natural for a man to show affection for a male friend he likes, as well as other males, such as a father, brother, uncle, or a male teacher.

14.   FALSE. While sex is part of marriage, there’s a lot more to marriage than sex. Having sex with someone you intend to marry or anyone else, is no insurance that when you marry, it will work out.

15.   FALSE. A first sign of syphilis is a painless, hard sore on the penis or in the vagina, mouth or rectum. The sore may heal and go away, but the disease is still there. The only way to get cured is to get medical help.

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