Answers to the Anonymous Questions Asked During the Lecture on Dating and Interpersonal Relationships

If a boy should ask you to kiss him, is it right to do so when you are just friends?

The decision to kiss a boy or not is entirely yours. However, it is important for you to know why you would not want to kiss him. There are various other non-threatening ways to express your appreciation of a friend without kissing him.

What is the right age to start dating?

For many people, dating usually starts in the teenage years. However, it is important to uphold these 5 key values to guide your actions in any dating or interpersonal relationship: Honesty, Self-Control, Equality, Responsibility, and Respect.

Why some people are easily tricked into having boyfriends and girlfriends 

The pressure to have friends of the opposite sex may result from the individual desire for companionship & affection or the desire for acceptance and popularity because one feels that everybody else has a boyfriend/girlfriend.

Why do people of different genders tend to become sexually involved when they spend a lot of time together or alone?

When different genders spend a lot of time together alone, they get to see and appreciate certain qualities in each other, and they may begin to fantasize and desire each other than would otherwise been the case.

What should a girl do if a guy starts forcing himself on her on a date?

When this happens the first thing to do is not to panic or show that you are scared. Stay in control of the situation tells the boy in very clear stern terms that you do not want to be sexually involved at this time. Your body language must also convey this message and you get out of troublesome situations like these.

What do you do, if you have been dating a guy for about two years, and you have never gone beyond kissing and hugging and he start asking for sex? 

Once you know you are not ready for sex, let the guy understand this and what the consequences of sexual intercourse could be, and your values about such involvement. Restate your interest in abstaining from sexual intercourse until when you are ready.

If you want to break up a relationship what is the best way to go about it?

You need to be honest with the other partner hurting his/her feelings too badly. Tell your partner you want to end the relationship and let him/her know your reasons for it without putting him down or making him lose self esteem.

Must we date while we are still young?

The choice of when to start dating is entirely an individual choice. Dating by itself is not harmful if both parties are open and honest about what they want out the relationship, friendship, companionship etc. It is also perfectly alright not to want to date while one is still young.

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