Peer Educators and Healthcare Providers Trained in Ogun and Akwa Ibom States

Training on peer Education/Life Skills as well as Youth Friendly Health Service Provision and Peer Education Programing were organized in November 2009. The overall goal of the project was to contribute to the reduction in the spread and mitigation of the impact of HIV infection among in and out of school youth in Nigeria. Participants for the peer education training comprised Youth corps members and out-of school youth from faith-based/community-based organizations who would facilitate and coordinate peer education activities in both states. The participants for the YFHS and Peer Education Programming comprised staff of project implementing partners, officials of SACA and State Ministry of Health as well as Nurses from schools and the Public Health Care Facility.

In each state, the trainings were held simultaneously over a five-day period. The trainings were undertaking in Ogun and Akwa Ibom States back to back from 2nd -6th and 9th-13th November respectively. A total of 202 participants were trained as peer educators, while 49 NGO programmers including health providers were trained on youth friendly health service provision and peer education programming in two states. The training for Ogun State was conducted at the Abeokuta Grammar School Hall, Abeokuta, Ogun State while that of Akwa Ibom State held at Kings and Queens Academy, Ewet Housing, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

The training sessions for both peer educators and youth-friendly provider focused on the following thematic area: Adolescent growth and development, adolescent sexual and reproductive health, communication and counseling, HIV and AIDS including Stigma and Discrimination as well as care for Young people living with HIV and Peer Education Programming. Training methodologies were highly audience participatory and provided opportunities for experiences shearing. The pre- and post-test recorded a significant increase in knowledge as well as positive change in attitude about adolescent sexual and reproductive health including HIV and AIDS. A brief but modest closing ceremony was held to mark the end of the training workshop.

Subsequently to the training in both states, the Youth Friendly Health Clinic Provided to complement the project by increasing young people’s access to non-judgmental responsive youth-friendly services were commissioned. The Youth-friendly clinic for Ogun state is situated at Oke-Ilewo Primary Health Care Center, Abeokuta, while that of Akwa Ibom State is at St Luke’s Specialist Hospital Anua, Uyo. The commissioning of the Ogun Youth Friendly Clinic was done by the Supervisory Councilor for Health Abeokuta South LGA, Alhaji Fasiu Ajadi. Other dignitaries present at the event including officials of the State Ministries of Health and Education, staff of Abeokuta South LGA, community leaders, peer educators and youth-friendly health providers.

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