Omg!!! I never thought that such a thing could happen

My frustrations seemed not to come to an end

And as a result I sought relieve in proscribed drugs

The harms it brings was not my concern

I only wanted to forget all for a minute


Wow!!! I laughed when told of the psychologic repercussions

Anger, Anxiety, Stress and Depression were all my friends

Peace lasted only but a minute and I thought it normal

Whereas I was becoming mentally derailed


Seriously!!! I screamed aloud realizing what had almost became of me

My mental capacitance began to deteriorate

More traumatic event happened without my observation

Then I realized I was losing it


Written by: Williams Gloria Jumai



Looking back seems to be a problem

Moving forward, a dilemma

Life is crushing all my emblems

And I watch on like I am in a cinema

Why am I always at the center of it all?

Why am I so often in the spotlight?

These questions I ask in a flash

Waiting for answers that never come

Every time my teeth I gnash

Ever listening to the victim’s drum

In a world that I seem lost

Where all things work against me

Even as hard as my challenges thrust

I will not give up at any time

For though I may be victimized now,

I know that the latter days won’t be worse.


Written by:John Taiwo Temidayo.



Shhhh! … pause for a second


Life is saying something,

Life is flowing silently


The ears were not set to get the biology

Perfect alone but to also unlock the awaited life…


O’fool, stitch it

O’fool, listen

O’fool, listen to me

O’fool, listen to me at least


Pick the flowers from the ashes of memories as

This is a strange cobweb of dreams,

You’d better stitch it to make a fine linen or await the broom storm.



The D’epression is a trap to get you thinking

It started the ALPHABETS


Written by Maryann Godfrey.

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