Poems – December 2007

Time waits for Nobody
Peculiar Ediomo-Abasi (20 years old)

“Tick! Tick! Says the clock, do quick
What you have to do, do quick”
So mama said as I grew
Then I worked as time flew

“A stitch in time saves in nine”
This was my father’s favorite line.
“Time once gone is gone forever”
This, my friend preached to her brother

Most times time seems mine
But sometimes I really have no time.
If I must have time I need to create time
To efficiently manage my time

“Time is money and waits for nobody”
This is said by virtually everybody.
We must give time a thought
For what we do with time counts a lot

A mystery! I once thought of time.
I had at some time wasted time
But from all I have learn from time
I can do no thing but utilize time.

Stick to Time
Enoch Francis (18 years old)

My mother always tells me
Stick to time, it matters,
Because everything has got its time,
Tick tock my clock says,
Stick to time, it matters,

Now I have to study,
Then play and exercise.
Do what you have to do now
Not later because, it might be too late,
Time is precious and always moving.

Do not fail to remember,
That time is money
Stick to time, as it pays.
I will frankly say no way.


Learn to Study Hard
Tyson Lawrence Chukwuma (19 years old)

Work hard to be successful,
Success has to be earned
Success is difficult to achieve,
Success is a step by step process,
It is a journey that must be completed,
You must have a strong desire
And an unwavering determination.

There is time for everything:
A time to study and a time to eat
A time to eat and a time to play
A time to watch television
And a time to exercise.
Learn to manage your time well
And success will be yours.


Time! Time!! Time!!!
Adeola Olaitan (17 years old)

Time! Time!! Time!!!
Time is an occasion,
It’s an occurrence.
Time is an era,
It comes at a point.

Time is an instance,
It goes on a spot.
Time is fleeting,
It comes in a jiffy.

Tick ,tick, it goes all day and night,
It moves on and on.
It waits for no man,
Time is precious.

Seize it! Apply it!
Grasp it! Utilize it!
Make use of time wisely,
It’s worthwhile.

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