Poems and Jokes


By: Inyang D. Akpan,
Aiyedere/Ajibola High School,

Open your eyes
This concerns you
All of you
How blind you are
That you cannot see
Your foolishness
To be a girl is nothing
Nothing, but trouble
Their attention
Their sweet words
Their proposals
Make us proud
How foolish you are!
The pleasure…
Ah! the pleasure…
… It may be short
But the result
The suffering
The humiliation
The expulsion
The pain…
… It will be long
No pain for them
No expulsion
No humiliation
No suffering
They’ll boast
Seek another,
Another stupid one
Another victim
Open your eyes!


By: Betty Akpan, 
Gbagada Comp. High School, 
Bariga, Lagos. 

The future is a like a flower,
Planted on the green lands,
It becomes fully grown hour by hour,
In the watchful eyes of careful hands.
We should therefore cleanse our todays for tomorrow,
There our lives will be beautiful as we know,
And will also be fruitful and gay.
The future is like a baby which needs a lot of care,
If you nurture it well it grows to be giant.
If you neglect it now it will surely become a dwarf,
So make your future bright and shiny by working hard today.



One day, a teacher was teaching his pupils during a moral instruction class and the following conversations ensued.

Teacher: Where does God live?
Pupils: In heaven.
Tope: (one of the pupils): Yes! In our bathroom.
Teacher: (surprised) In your bathroom?
Tope: Yes sir!
Teacher: What do you mean?
Tope: Because… every morning when my father wants to take his bath and knocks the bathroom door and some answers, would say “Oh God, are you still in the bathroom?”

By: Bose Omotosho, 
P.O. Box 0326 Somolu, Lagos.

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