Book Review – June 2009

Title: “Youths to the Rescue of a Nation”
Author: Chinedu Demain Ogueri
Year of Publication: 2008
Pagination: 180 pages
Reviewer: Godwin Jeremiah (19 years old)

‘Youths to the Rescue of a Nation’ Is a book for all Nigerian youths as well as youths around the Globe. It is a timely contribution to the socio-economic and political developments in Nigeria.

The book is timely due to the current repositioning of Nigeria in order that she might be among the twenty best economies by 2015.

It spells out all youth needs in order to become an instrument of change in this nation. It also pinpoints several ways that Nigeria can overcome obstacles that are preventing her from the realization of the dreams and aspirations of her founding fathers. The need for youth involvement in the socio-economic and political decision making processes are also highlighted.

This book begins with series of community surveys across Nigeria right from its independence till the present developmental stage.

The language used is such that young people who are future leaders can easily understand as well as develop strategies to put in place, so as to become instruments of change for Nigeria.

The chapters list the various assets that youths can use to develop their capacity and reduce the rate of unemployment.

The book shows clear evidence of the young author as a knowledgeable youth with enthusiasm for active participation in nation building. Worthy of note in his excellent use of English Language and mature presentation of his position on critical issues. The content of the book demand that every forward looking person desiring the development of Nigeria should read this book thoroughly.

Many of the recommendations contained in this book will serve as reference materials for policy-makers. It will also generate the needed awareness of the roles of young people in nation building because it will increase citizens’ awareness of new possibilities and create the desire for innovation and improvement with youths as the centre point.

This book is a must read for anyone who wants to see the definite development of Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

The book is basically for young people and a motivational context for Nigeria youth towards a better Nigeria.

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