Keep Your Feet Fresh

Your feet are the workhorses of your body, so treating them right is a good idea. It is very easy to neglect proper care of our feet, since we have our bath every day. But, it is necessary to give more attention to our feet and to keep them fresh.

Yes, get fresh feet! After trapping our feet in socks on schooldays, high heels on weekends, we need to pay some attention to our feet. Often we wear covered shoes that leave our feet sweaty and smelly.  Walking the streets, especially in uncomfortable shoes leave our feet tired.  Considering all these, don’t you think your feet need a treat? Of course they do.

Now, you do not need an expensive spa treatment to take care of your feet.  Spending some time in your busy day taking proper care of your feet and choosing the right footwear can help to make your feet fresh.

Here are a few tips:

Always wash your feet and in between your toes with a washcloth carefully and regularly. Yes, that means bending over in the shower to soap them up and massage them gently. You may choose to sit on a chair outside the tub as you wash your feet under the running tap.

Be sure to dry feet completely, including between the toes. This wash-and-dry system reduces problems such as athlete’s foot, odour, bacteria and fungus.

Soak your feet – just use warm water and a little liquid soap containing skin softeners.

Moisturize your feet after washing. You may want to cream them several times a day. You do not need fancy creams. Basic lotions and creams are fine.

Alternate the shoes you wear each day. That may mean having two pairs of your favourite everyday wear.  Shoes need time to air out to avoid producing foot odour or harbouring infections.  If you have a problem with smelly feet, soak them in a mixture of vinegar and water.

Your feet should not hurt—ever. Tight shoes can worsen blisters, change toe shape and cause painful foot growths. If you wear high heels, choose heels that are wide, stable and no higher than two inches. Toe boxes should be wide; pointed toes shouldn’t begin their narrowing shape until well past the ball of the foot.

Flip-flops and completely flat shoes don’t provide arch support. Neither does walking barefoot. Women are especially prone to developing flat feet, which can lead to other foot problems. To keep feet strong and healthy, minimize the amount of time you wear shoes that lack supportive arches.

Check your feet daily to forestall any problems that may crop up.  See a podiatrist at least annually.

Be cautious about having a pedicure in a salon, where cleanliness of tubs and instruments may be lacking.

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