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QI’m in a boarding school where all of us wake up to bathe at the same time. I don’t, I wake up way earlier because I think my penis is a little undersized and I don’t want my friends to laugh at me.

Every guy has a different size of penis and they are all normal; there is generally no ‘’abnormal one’’ when it comes to penis size. If one guy’s eyes are blue and another guy’s eyes are brown, both are normal, they are just different. It’s the same with penises. Even so, penis size is still a big concern for many guys, in part because over the years the size of an average penis has been greatly exaggerated. The true average length of an erect penis in an adult male is between five and six inches.


QIs depression and being sad the same?

Sadness is a natural reaction to painful experiences or situations. It is a healthy way to express your feelings and adjust to a disappointment, change or loss. Being sad is part of a healing process people go through and the feelings usually last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Everybody gets sad sometimes.

Depression is very different from sadness. It is a state of despair that last for more than two weeks and is so severe that it disrupts a person’s life. The person’s social interactions, daily schedule and activities are impacted because of the extreme unhappiness. People who are depressed may describe ‘’feeling sad for no reason’’ and can feel unmotivated, irritable, tired and uncaring about things that were once important to them. Depressed people may also have a noticeable change in appetite, problem in sleeping and trouble in concentrating. They often describe feeling like there is no hope. Although it is a serious condition that requires treatment, with help, depression can be overcome and a person can live a happy and healthy life


QDoes alcohol really kill brain cells?

Whether or not alcohol actually kills brain cells is a hot topic of research today. For every study that says alcohol does kill brain cells, another one says it does not. The generally accepted consensus, however, is that while alcohol does not kill brain cells, it does damage the fibres that carry information between the brain cells, thereby impairing communication between the cells. Although there is still some disagreement over this, all studies agree that alcohol definitely has significant and negative effects on the brain, damaging both its structure and its functions.

Some of the damage to the brain is noticeable after one or two drinks and then resolves once the drinking stops. Examples of this short-term damage include, blurred vision, slurred speech, weakened memory, slow reaction time and difficult walking and driving. Other brain damage may occur from heavy, long-term drinking and persist even after a person is sober. This type of brain damage includes shrinkage of the brain as well as trouble with learning, memory movement and coordination.

Teens that drink alcohol may interrupt important brain development, possibly leading to mild cognitive impairment and negatively affected academic achievement. So, although the controversy over whether or not alcohol kills brain cells is still being debated, the negative effects it can have in both the short-term and long-term are crystal clear.

Alcohol does kill the brain cells of a developing foetus if a pregnant woman drinks.


QWhat does it mean to pre-ejaculate and can it get a girl pregnant?

Pre-ejaculate is the clear, slippery, slightly thick fluid that comes out of a penis when a guy is sexually aroused. It is usually secreted during masturbation, foreplay or any time before a guy ejaculates or ‘’cums’’ and is therefore sometimes called ‘’pre-cum’’. Some guys produce very small amounts and some guys produce a lot.

Pre-ejaculate serves two purposes. First, it gets the urethra ready for the ejaculation of semen. Secondly, it lubricates the penis during sexual arousal.

Pre-ejaculate contains enough sperm to get a gal pregnant and in an infected person will also contain HIV, so play it safe around pre-ejaculate.


QMy friends just introduced me to smoking; I know it is bad that’s why I don’t inhale. So, is it safe if I don’t inhale?

No, smoking is never safe. When you smoke, nicotine enters the bloodstream through the lungs. Even if you don’t inhale, nicotine can be absorbed through the lining of the mouth. This can eventually lead to cancer of the mouth, oesophagus, larynx, lungs, bladder or pancreas. It can also lead to sinus disease, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, coronary heart disease and other diseases. Whether or not you inhale, smoking is harmful to your health and could eventually even result in death.


QPeople bully me…what can I do?

Many guys and gals are bullied these days. The pain and embarrassment which comes with bullying can damage one’s self esteem and happiness. There are two ways to decrease the harmful effects of bullying: (1) decrease the bullying itself, or (2) decrease the effect it has on you.

It will be an honest direct and mature approach to walk up to the bully and tell him/her that his/her actions make you feel bad. This hopefully might stop the bullying. But if this method doesn’t work out, try ignoring the bully’s annoying actions or make a joke out of it, this might get the bully bored since you are no longer reacting to their meanness.

If these alternatives don’t decrease their bullying, seek the help of an adult who could be your parent, teacher, school counsellor or other adult. report every action of the bully which hurt you and be sure to be specific in your complaint. If the adult you reported to pays no attention to your complaint, try reporting to another adult who might possibly understand your pain and probably help you stop the bullying.

In addition to decreasing the bullying itself, you have to decrease the effect it has on you. First, you have to know that only an unhappy person enjoys making people sad. The bully might also be going through pain; it is now up to you to disregard whatever harmful words they might be using on you. Be confident in yourself. Don’t let your happiness depend on someone else’s mood. You will live a normal life despite the bullying.

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