Can I Decide My Future?

It is interesting to know that everyone has a future, but what we do today and how we plan towards our future is what will determine how successful we will be in it. When we are faced with certain challenges, should we quit trying? What do we even want to be in future? What are our plans towards it? Why do we think some people don’t make it in life? Who is that role model that we cherish and want to be like?

These are questions that young people like us bother about. Let’s get motivated by what some of us have to say about these questions.

Ajayi Josephine, 15 years old

Josephine 2My friends sometimes call me SAN, and that is because of what they see me do. I love debating, settling disputes among my friends and writing. I am in SS2. I want to be a lawyer in future. I have taken cognisance of the core subjects I need to have passed, to apply for admission in the University to study Law. I am studying hard now, so that I can be sure of that future. Sometimes I get to ask the Lawyers I know around me, certain law related questions, because lack of right and useful information, have made some people go astray in the future. My role model is Aloma Mukhtar, the Chief Justice of Nigeria.

Alabi Qudus, 16years OldQudus 1

I am in SS3. I want to be a Medical Doctor in future, not just because I have to go to school and study a course, but because I have this passion to save lives.  I have had to double up with my studies so that I can do very well in my WAEC exams. I believe the future starts now, so I try to encourage myself at every step. I also get involved in quiz competitions to help me academically. I try not to give up just like Thomas Edison who never gave up in his time, because this is one reason some people don’t make it. Dr. Ben Carson is my role model, and I want to be great like him, and save many lives.


IgbozurikIgbozurike 1e Jennifer, 16years old

I want to be a journalist in the future. I love reading, watching the news and writing articles. I am in SS2. I understand that if I lack passion for what I get to study in the University, I may not perform so well, so I am sure about wanting to be a Journalist in the future. I sometimes write for my church and read the gospel during mass. My plan is to pass all my core subjects very well so that I can apply for admission in the University. Tisan Bako of Ray Power, Lagos; is my favourite presenter, and is somebody I want to be like.



Michael Grace, 15 years old

GraceI could get bored doing any other thing, but not calculating. I am in JSS3 and want to be an accountant in the future. I love my mathematics and my business studies. I know that when I get to SS1, my core subjects to qualify me to study accountancy would be very interesting to me. I enjoy going for competitions like the ‘Brighter Rewarding Future’ quiz competition. I could be scared sometimes, but I know I have to keep studying hard, so that I don’t end up like some that didn’t make it. I believe money is not everything, so if finance tries to pose as a problem, it can be looked into objectively. I want to be like my elder brother ‘James Michael’, who is a practicing accountant.



Ogunberu Sunday, 15years old

Sunday 2I feel happy when I see doctors knowing that I will be one someday. I enjoy watching movies that has to do with a doctor saving lives. I have read Ben Carson’s books of how he made it. I have watched documentaries of him saving lives. I am in JSS3, and pay attention a lot when I am in class, because I know my future begins with what I do today. When I had the opportunity of shaking the Governor of Lagos State, at the plantation of trees event, I went home with a greater determination to always study hard. Dr. Ben Carson is my role model. And I believe anybody can make it in life, just plan well.

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