Poems: September 2017

by Anosike Agnes Obianuju

All my life as a child
I always thought I had everything I wanted
But as I grew older
I realized I only got a few of them
I thought and thought about what to do
I never wanted to do something bad to get what I want
I wanted to get what I want using my educational ability
Then I realized I’ve got brains
Brains filled with lots of creative stuff
Every night I deprive my body the comfort of my bed
To pen down some amazing fictional and non-fictional write-ups
I was flabbergasted at how everyone wanted a copy of my creative works
And I told myself that this was only the beginning
O yes, I made money
My own money, not my parents’.


by Anosike Agnes Obianuju

Oh I have failed many times
Left with no courage to rise
Can I really make it?
Can I really get there?
But I summoned up courage and told myself
Nothing good comes easy
Nothing good comes easy
So why give up when still I can fight
Giving up is the greatest mistake I can ever make
I have never given up
I will never give up
I will just gather myself together
And continue my pursuit of excellence
Because the star in me must shine forth.

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