By Rhoda Robinson

A famous President of the United States of America, Benjamin Franklin once said “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” As old as this adage may be, the truth contained therein remains valid. Young people have lots of dreams, passions, strength, opportunities and time to make a meaning of their lives, but success is not accidental it has to be planned for. Globalization, together with its uniqueness and challenges add to the chances and struggles faced by most young people today; hence the importance of proper planning and guidance.

However, as much as it is necessary for the society to provide an enabling environment for young people to grow and be protected, it is also expedient that young people take responsibility for their future. Education, off course, is perhaps the most important means to prepare and be equipped for a desired future. Education is defined as the wealth of knowledge acquired by an individual after studying particular subject matters or experiencing life lessons that provide an understanding of something. As young people, planning for your future now means getting a kind of education that empowers you to make good and healthy decisions always.

There are lots of activities and desires that you can engage in that can terminate or reduce the chances of a successful life in the future such as unintended pregnancies and abortion, drugs and unhealthy addictions, bad company and cultism, and so on. Leadership and entrepreneurial skill development are also essential part of any education that leads to an empowered youth, so it is important for young people to learn and practice leadership skills in preparation for their future.

At HACEY, one of the ways we help young people plan and prepare for their future is by contributing to leadership development at the grassroots through various training and leadership development programs targeted at young people in secondary schools in Lagos. Recently, HACEY partnered with IamaCHAMP Ltd, to train about 300 young school students in public schools in Yaba and Bariga communities of Lagos. The training equip young boys and girls with skills such as communication, goal setting, self-awareness, as well as sexual and reproductive health knowledge to enable them lead healthy and socially responsible lives.

As young people, always remember, that your personal development is your responsibility and you have a right to good quality education from the society as you prepare for your future.

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