Half the night, I waste in sighs.
In a wakeful doze I sorrow for my future,
Because I dream.
I dream the reality of my future.

The reality of my future; an unripe orange.
For in time, it shall ripe for his farmer.
So I sweat, knowing life has problems.
But with satisfaction in my heart.
Because I dream.

My dream,
My future,
My purpose,
I’ll nurture you,
Till tomorrow becomes today.

By-Jennifer Anya-Lekwa



Old deeds are bygone,
Behold the current, Live in the moment.
The past is behind those who see the future in the present,
Make hay while the sun shines

Time is of the essence

Tomorrow begins as soon as today takes a bow
Let it be heard in Every city and every town,
The quest For a better tomorrow begins NOW.

Many at times we are caught offering our condolences,
to make ourselves feel better about how we failed to plan yesterday.
We do this continuously,
forgetting to plan tomorrow.
It doesn’t matter what you did yesterday.
What are you doing today to make tomorrow an improvement of yesterday?

-Abah Nehemiah



Look to the future

Detach from the past
Let the people go
Start anew this time
Look to the future
Love like it’ll last
Dream like it’s forever
No more envy
Look to the future
Have the star life
Learn from others
Take it in
Look to the future
Be proud of  yourself
No more lies
No more disguise
Look to the future
Solve the unresolved
Be someone’s firefly
Stop living for yourself
Look to the future
Be the person
You dream to be
Stop fantasizing
Look to the future
It’s only gets brighter
From here on out
Detach from the past
Look to the future




When I think about my future

All I see is success

When I think of success
My heart is possessed
When I dream of success
I become obsessed
When I have touched success
I’ve made progress

To what I longed to find
Keeping the goal in mind
A moment like this
Is worth holding onto
I have made it happen
Share my joy with the world
In hopes to inspire
Another with my story

I own it
Yes, I know it
I made the impossible, possible
Won’t stop here with success
I’ll keep moving up the ladder
See myself rise higher and higher
I found success in life
I hope for success
And I gained it through
My determination to make it happen




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