Rape I.Q. Answers

1.    C – Rape is an act of power, not caused by being sexually starved. Rapists do not test out to be “crazy” on psychological tests.

2.    F – Rapists are more likely to use tricks, threats or physical force than weapons.

3.    A – More than one-half of all rapes occur in the home; the most common place is in a car.

4.    T – Males are raped in the same kinds of situations as women. They are usually raped by hetero-sexual males. Men are less likely than women to talk about or report rapes.

5.    A – Most rapists are known to the victim (a friend, neighbor, relative or a casual acquaintance).

6.    F – Rape is a problem everywhere. It is a problem in small towns as well as big cities.

7.    C – No one asks to be raped. Rape is getting hurt, and no one asks to get hurt. Asking for a lift is a risky situation where rape can happen. However, no one asks for a lift, intending to get raped. The way people dress has nothing to do with getting raped.

8.    F – you cannot tell who is a rapist by the way he looks. They appear to be as normal as you and I.

9.    C – Most rapists are under 35 years old.

10.  F – Statistics show there are no false reports of rapes than there are for any other crime. Most rapists do not even report the rape.

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