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Be True To Yourself: A Daily Guide For Teenage Girls  By Amanda Ford

Are you going through issues that make you feel like the world is crashing in on you, or are you faced with isBe True To Yourself Book Coversues you just don’t know the right step to take, then this book is a must-read. Be True to Yourself offers information and guidance to teenage girls on important issues and how to handle them: Boys, dating, drinking, self-esteem, fights with friends, dealing with parents, and lots more. Girls will find comfort, encouragement, and insights in these pages, along with practical suggestions for articulating and confiding their feelings, fears, and frustrations. This 365-page book provides you something to read for each day in the year that makes your day brighter and better.


In Search of Yourself

In Search of Yourself Book CoverThis insightful book is written by a former Action Health Incorporated Youth Assistant, John Oyadougha to serve as a guide for young people who would like to discover themselves. Ever wondered the difference between skill and talent? Find the answer to this and other questions about self-discovery within the pages of In Search of Yourself. You might even be at a point where you don’t know how to manage the talent you have, then this is just the book for you. This book contains practical steps that would enable you discover your true talent and skills. It also addresses the needs of those who are multi-talented and those who are living out someone else’s life. It contains real life stories that bring the book to life; it’s not just another motivational piece but an inspiring eye opener to set you on the right track.


Sexual Coercion In Dating Relationships By E. Sandra Byers & Lucia F. O’Sullivan (Editors)

Sexual Coercion Book CoverThe words “sexual coercion” (synonyms include “sexual aggression” and “sexual assault”) conjure in the minds of many the image of a deranged man attacking a woman stranger in a dark place where she should know better than to be walking alone. This and other stereotypes are challenged by the authors of Sexual Coercion in Dating Relationships. Sexual coercion is frequently minimized and too often stereotyped. This book also helps young people, researchers, counselors, and parents understand and provide information to others about sexual coercion.



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