Resources – December 2007

The materials listed here are on adolescent development. Although AHI does not distribute any of these materials, they are available for use within our reference library at the AHI Youth Centre located at 17 Lawal Street, off Oweh Street, Jibowu, Lagos.



Looking Good: A Young Person’s Guide to Body Care
By World Book Inc.

The book gives guidelines to young people on how to take care of their. It discusses basic issues of skin, hair, hands, ears, eyes, and feet. It also writes about health, rest and relaxation and many other things that can make you look better and feel healthier.


Success Despite the Odds: Lessons on Early Marriage in Northern Nigeria
By Action Health Incorporated (AHI)

This publication on Early Marriage in Northern Nigeria is to follow up to earlier commissioned reviews of secondary data undertaken by AHI over the last two years. It explores the subject of early marriage in two specific communities of Bauchi and Borno States.

The findings show the following: Marriage to older husbands, low educational attainment, low social status, limited access to health services, increased risk of maternal and infant mortality, increased vulnerability to STI/ HIV etc.

It also provides personal attributes and those of close relations of women who married as adolescents but have been able to continue their education in their educational in their matrimonial homes.


Hidden: A Profile of Married Adolescents in Northern Nigeria
By Action Health Incorporated (AHI)

This report provides a comprehensive overview of current knowledge of sexual and reproductive health experience of married adolescents in northern Nigeria. It focus is the North East, one of the six geo-political regions of Nigeria and locus of Bauchi and Borno States where Action Health Incorporated has developed intervention programmes.


Successful Time Management: A Self – Teaching Guide (Second Edition)
By Jack D. Ferner.

This practical guide shows you how to manage your time most efficiently and effectively. Revised and expanded to included the latest strategies and equipment, Successful Time Management, Second Edition, helps you develop and enact an action plan to get more done at work and at home.

Jack Ferner’s interactive, step by step approach offers:

  • Clear cut, easy to follow guidelines on how to recognize, analyze, and fix existing time management problems;
  • Proven strategies for establishing clear goals, setting priorities, and committing to a course of action;
  • Expert tips on controlling interruptions, saying no when necessary, and delegating;
  • Dozens of helpful carts and planning sheets, skill building exercises, and actual cases.

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