Resources – December 2009

The materials listed here are resources on adolescent development. These materials are available for use in the reference library at the AHI Youth Center at 17 Lawal Street, Jibowu, Yaba, Lagos


Family Life and HIV Education for Junior Secondary School Students’ Handbook by Action Health Incorporated

Family Life And HIV Education students’ handbook is developed for use by students at the junior secondary school level as a supplementary text with factual information on the Family Life And HIV Education (FLHE) curriculum. It’s organized around the five key concept in the approved FLHE curriculum to help young people learn about their bodies, physical and emotional changes that occur during adolescence; presenting how young people can acquire skills including steps to take in setting sexual limits and ways of refusing unwanted sexual advances; exposing young people to discuss relationships with family and friends, as well as addressing the social and cultural environments that influence the way they learn about and express their sexuality. Where appropriate, the handbook contains stories, illustrations, pictures and cartoon that will help the students understand the topics better.



“TRAFFICKED” is a book that centers on a young Nigerian woman named Nneoma who in a bid to run away from home was tricked into [prostitution slavery. From London, she was deported to Nigeria alongside 15 other girls. They were then led to Oasis, a center where they were rehabilitated and given a new lease of life.

Trafficked’ shows how people are deceived into human trafficking, how they are used as sex slaves, the pain and sexual abuse they endure, how they lose at both end and the shame they endure on being deported. However, it gives the impression that all trafficked persons can begin life anew by learning a trade or going back to school.



This is a book for Nigerian youth as well as youth all over the Globe. It is timely contribution to the socio-economic and political developments of Nigeria.

It spells out that youths need in order to become an instrument of change in this nation. It also pinpoints several ways Nigeria can overcome obstacles that are preventing her from the realization of the dreams and aspirations of her founding fathers. The need for youth involvement in the socio-economic and political decision making processes and also high lightened.



The author, Jay Philip McGraw, has written several books aimed at young people, based on his father’s books, the well-known Dr. Phil .Jay has also appeared on Dr. Phil’s TV show. The book talk about ten different non-written laws that will help you get on just well in life.

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