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The materials listed below are resources about sexual responsibility. In order for young people to understand the physical and emotional changes they experience in adolescence and be able to take control of their lives, they must have practical information as well as motivational support. The films and books listed here, offer both.

Although AHI does not distribute any of these materials, they are available for use within our reference library at AHI Youth Centre, located at Plot 55 Somorin Street, Ifako Lagos.


Coping with Sexual Pressures by Nancy Abbey and Elizabeth Rapits Picco
The book conveys a clear message on how teenagers can have and keep partners without involving sex. It analyses common myths about sexuality and discusses ways to express love without having sexual intercourse. It also covers the influence of risk-taking behaviours on sexual decision making emphasizing the benefits of developing self-control.

When Sex is the Subject by Pamela M. Wilson
A handbook that explains keys to effective sexuality education to teenagers using music for sexuality with sensitivity, comfort and confidence. It also provides appropriate answers to children’s common sexuality questions and background information on three areas of childhood development as they relate to sexuality education.

Getting the Word Out: A Practical Guide to AIDS Materials Development by Matiella Ana Consuelo
The book provides effective information on developing culturally sensitive and relevant materials for AIDS education.

Reducing the Risk: Building Skills to Prevent Pregnancy, STD, and HIV by Richard P. Barth
The book clearly emphasizes refusal statements, delay statements and alternative actions students can use to abstain or protect themselves from pregnancy and HIV. It is one of the few curricula that have clearly demonstrated success in postponing sexual intercourse.

Too Soon For Sex? by Christine DeVault
Too Soon For Sex? Effectively presents postponing sexual involvement as a positive choice for high school teenagers. It is part of the “Sexuality Decision-making Series for Teens.” A life story of Serena and James, two high school students.

Taking Chances With Sex by Christine DeVault
It is part of the “Sexuality Decision-making Series for Teens.” It presents accurate information about birth control methods and models a visit to a family planning clinic. It revolves around teenage couple Christy and David whose whirlwind romance leads to serious choices about sexual involvement and birth control.

Self Discovery: Caring, Loving and Sexuality by Gilda Gussin, Ann Buxbaum and Nicholas Danforth
This book accurately presents all aspects of teens sexuality and encourages parental involvement. It presents sexuality as being part of the total person and empowers teenagers by giving them practical tools for making responsible decisions about sexuality.


Acting on Your Values by Michael Pritchard
In the film Michael Pritchard discusses with a group of students from college to discover how knowing what we value can guide us. It is a candid exploration of the values on which today’s teens base their lives, where those values come from, and what meaning they have.
The film stimulates young people to think critically about their behaviours and beliefs, explore the benefits of knowing what our own values are. To discover how our values can serve as a tool for making good choices and to reveal how living by our values gives us power in our lives and elevates our self-esteem.

It Only Takes Once by Michael Rothenberg
The film is designed to teach teens and preteens about responsible sexual choices: from saying “No” to using effective contraception. It is meant to get teens talking about; the myth that “everybody is doing it” Saying “No” as an availability, methods and cost.
It uses both humour and facts to educate its view about teen sexuality and responsible sex.

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