Resources – March 1995

The materials listed below are resources about sexual responsibility. In other for young people to understand the physical and emotional changes they experience during adolescence and be able to take control of their lives, they must have practical as well as emotional support. The books and films listed here offer both.

Although AHI does not distribute any of these materials, they are available for use within our reference library at the AHI Youth Centre.


What’s Happening To My Body? Book For Girls by Lynda Madaras with Area Madaras
The book covers the body’s changing size and shape, breasts, the reproductive organs, menstrual cycle, pubic hair, puberty in girls and real-life experiences. This book urges the young woman to explore, understand and accept her own special body at the same time, she is learning the basic parts of female development. The book also includes crucial information on AIDS, STDs, birth control and advice on how to handle urges and yearning for privacy.

The Health of Young People: A Challenge and a Promise by World Health Organization (WHO)
The health of young people has been neglected by most societies because they are generally less vulnerable to disease. Young people are however highly vulnerable to the radical changes in social conditions and sexual mores have increased the risks of unwanted pregnancy, STDs, AIDS which have a profound effect on their future health. This book is intended to help meet these challenges. It discusses strengths, weaknesses of traditional responses to their needs.

Everything You Need to Know About Sexual Abuse by Evan Stark
This book is about sexual abuse. It identifies forms of sexual abuse, offers how to get help and how to address such abuse. The first step in dealing with sexual abuse is learning to say NO.


Dangerous Game by Action Health Incorporated
 This film talks about the dangers in using drugs. We see the scenario of a boy who plays truancy. He was lucky enough to be seen by one of his friends who spoke to him with such deep concern. Asked him to quit the drug world and make something useful out of his life.

Rape by Action Health Incorporated
Why do most girls fall victim of rape? What are the things a girl can do to prevent being raped? These questions are answered in this film. We hear reasons why boys rape girls. Can boys be raped? Find out from this film Rape, where girls and boys give their candid opinion on this issue.

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