Resources – March 1997

Choosing Abstinence by Dale Zevin
There is an urgent need for young people to have the skills to make wise choices about postponing sexual behavior. At this stage, positive and rewarding friendships are essential -csexual relationships are not. This book encourages sexual abstinence as the logical, positive choice for teenagers. It emphasizes that abstinence eliminates the risks of unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease and emotional upheavals.


Things Will Be Different For My daughter: A Practical Guide To Building Her Self-Esteem and Self-Reliance by Mindy Bingham and Sandy Stryker with Susan Allstetter Neufeldt

Self-esteem is not something your daughter initially learns for herself, although she can learn to do things that help her build or maintain her self-esteem later in life and you can also help her acquire it, by loving, and valuing her, and by showing respect for women at large. This book attempts to establish open communication between mother and child and help the young women get over the bumpy stretch of life known as adolescence with a minimum of pain and anguish.


The Broken Wings by Chukwuemeka Uba, Obi Okoli and Uche Amazigo

The film is a reflection of things that happen in the homes, schools and the Nigerian society in general. It focuses on break in communication in the family, the influence of bad company (i.e. peer pressure) poverty, drug abuse, unwanted pregnancy and abortion. In the film, Helen, Ogechi and Cynthia were in the same class and were in the same class and were all brilliant students. Later Ogechi became a commercial sex worker and started going out with older men in order to get money and other expensive things. She later introduced Helen and Cynthia to this trade. At first Helen tried to refuse the offer but could not due to her poverty. Cynthia refused at first, but was finally lured into prostitution by Bimbo. The film also focuses on smoking, and how it affected Emmanuel, a student who was taught how to smoke by his friend and later, it backfired.


What You Don’t Know Can Kill You (STDs)

The film talks about various transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS, their signs and symptoms, and what to do when these signs appear. It also outlines safer sexual skills and guidelines, encouraging adolescent to take responsibility for their sexual behaviors like the effective use of contraceptives during sexual intercourse at an early stage. Abstinence is, however, highly recommended as the safest sexual skill.


Breaking The Chain

A boy has a sexually transmitted disease but does not want to see a doctor because he was ashamed to do so. His friends later encouraged him to see the doctor which he finally did. This film tells the need to seek medical attention immediately a discomfort is noticed especially when one has engaged in risky sexual behavior. It also stresses the need to inform one’s partner or partners so as to prevent the spread of the disease.

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