What Are Your Time Wasters?

canstockphoto6280036-Time WastersHow much of your life is spent on “time wasters”? These are activities that do nothing to enhance your quality of life, and actually prevent you from accomplishing more important goals. You know you’ve been seduced by a time waster when you find yourself:

  • watching TV shows that don’t add any value to your life
  • checking for text or emails messages over and over throughout the day
  • surfing the internet or cruising chat rooms with no purpose in mind
  • wandering around with friends just talking about what’s up in town
  • spending hours running errands that can be done in much less time
  • reading gossip magazines or other worthless publications

The good news is that if you choose to, you can to change these mindless habits and take control of your time management. All it takes is a conscious choice to spend your time differently, and follow the plans you’ve made in advance about what you should be doing with your time.

Now, think for a change: What are the specific things you do that really just waste away your valuable time? What are the different things you can do to help you deal with your specific time wasters? Just a few simple changes will free up hours of time in your schedule each week. Then, be sure to put the time you have saved to good use. Block off time in your schedule for those important projects and don’t allow anything to interrupt you. If someone asks you to do something else during that time slot, let them know you can’t because you already have another appointment (you do – with yourself!) And enjoy the satisfaction you get from spending your new philosophy on time management and achieving more of what you really want with your week. Imagine how great that is going to feel!



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