What’s Your Sexuality I.Q.?

Growing into manhood can be difficult today, as it was in the past. There are decisions to be made about career, lifestyles, and sex. It’s very easy to be influenced by peers. But everyone is an individual. Look around you. You’ll see that many successful people make decisions based on what they feel is best for them.

Sexual decisions may be difficult, because sex is very personal. The important thing is to make your own decisions without borrowing your values from others. Make your decisions and stand by them. Sometimes men talk about “scoring” as though having sex were a contest. Bragging about sex usually means a man is insecure and needs to build himself up. Movies and television exaggerate that everybody is having sex. But the truth is that many young people aren’t.

Getting some facts will help you when making your decisions. Check out the quiz below and see how you rate.

1.       It’s a hassle to get contraceptive so why bother? True….. False…..

2.       Even if you don’t have sex often, you should carry a condom “just in case” True….. False…..

3.       Non-medicated condoms work by killing sperm. True….. False…..

4.       Withdrawal means having sex, but pulling out before “coming”. True….. False…..

5.       The right time to start going with girls is when you start high school. True….. False…..

6.       Having sex proves you’re a man. True….. False…..

7.       When a woman says NO there’s a sure way to make her say YES. True….. False…..

8.       When someone you’ve gone with a long time keeps saying NO, that means she doesn’t like having sex. True….. False…..

9.       When you want to end a relationship, you should say so directly. True….. False…..

10.   Before she’s 16, girls isn’t old enough to get pregnant. True….. False…..

11.   Teenagers who marry break up twice as often as people who marry later on. True….. False…..

12.   If you don’t like girls, that means you’ll be gay. True….. False…..

13.   When another keeps trying to be your buddy, he must be a gay. True….. False…..

14.   Sex before marriage always makes for success in marriage. True….. False…..

15.   Sometimes syphilis goes by itself. True….. False…..

16.   The majority of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) occur to people under 25. True….. False…..

17.   Discussing your feelings about contraceptives with your partner will strengthen the relationship. True….. False…..

Click here to check your Sexuality I.Q. score.

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