Book Review – “Trafficked”

Tittle of Book: “Trafficked”
ISBN: 978-978-142-967-5
Author: Akachi Adimora-Ezeigbo
Publisher: Lantern Books
Year of Publication: 2008
Pagination: 311 pages
Reviewer: Mervis Emelife (18 years old)

“TRAFFICKED” is a book that centers on a young Nigerian woman named Nneoma who in a bid to run away from home was tricked into prostitution slavery. From London, she was deported to Nigeria alongside 15 other girls. They were then led to Oasis, a centre where they were rehabilitated and given a new lease on life.

This novel addresses the ills of human trafficking from different perspectives; the emotional trauma faced by the trafficked, the worry brought upon the family members of the trafficked, the fear that traffickers have of being caught etc. The author made use of literary devices as poetry, metaphors, euphemism, flashback etc. She also added spice by using some basic Igbo items and proverbs. The Igbo culture was brought to light in the book with the author stating some of the traditional practices of the Igbo tribes.

Other themes in the book are on family love, patience, hope, goodness, loyalty and decency. The book is written in simple language making it easy to understand.

“Trafficked” shows how people are deceived into human trafficking, how they are used as sex slaves, the pain and sexual abuse they endure, how they lose at both ends and the shame they endure on being deported. However, it gives the impression that all trafficked persons can begin life anew by learning a trade or going back to school.

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