Dear Diary – March 2003

by Moji Onifade


After the morning devotion and breakfast, I remembered the videotapes I hid somewhere and so I decided to watch one of it since I was alone in the house. After setting down to watch the movie, I did not believe what I saw. It was about the story of a young girl who became a victim of a harmful traditional practice. The gory sight of a heartless woman cutting off the clitoris of an innocent girl in the name of tradition brought tears to my eyes. My heart reached out to the 13 year old girl and I almost blamed God for creating me a Female.



Mum didn’t go out today so I had the opportunity to ask her questions concerning some of the things I saw in the movie I watched yesterday. Due to the close relationship we’ve built, she answered my questions by putting me through and telling me that it was as a result of the tradition and culture our fore-fathers and mothers believed in and so it was carried through each generation and if not stopped by any generation it will continue till eternity. She encouraged me to be proud for being created a woman because of the virtues, values and respect the society has for the women as mothers.



I reminded my parents of my resumption back to school on Sunday (as a boarder) and so I was told to make a list of the things I will need for school. This was done and then I started arranging my things in order not to forget some of the things I will need in school.



Dad gave me money for my provisions; Mum and I went to the market for the last time before leaving for school. It was stressful and tiring because it was hot and overcrowded. At the market, people kept on pulling me even when we didn’t want to buy something from their shop. After buying all we wanted, on our way home, at the other side of the market a girl was sexually harassed by one of the guys selling clothes. He touched her on her breast and she felt embarrassed, she shouted at him, this called people’s attention and created a scene. The girl was blamed for not dressing decently while the guy was blamed for not having self-control.



I woke up feeling lazy to get up because of the stress I went through yesterday at the market. I continued arranging my things and added the ones I got from the market yesterday. I just can’t wait to get back to school again! Can you imagine? I’m just having the feel of school because it’s two days countdown to my resumption. I’m so excited to see my friends again and at the same time sad because I would miss my parents and siblings especially my mum.



Oh God! I have so many things to do today, I have to compete all my important assignments in the house; for school; return all borrowed items and tidy up my room very well so that when my parents come around to check my room they will be happy with me and surprise me for being a good girl during my stay. I called my brother and advised him to be a good boy and learn to do things on his own. One-day countdown to go!



I felt like crying while packing my things into the car. Reflecting on how I enjoyed myself during the holiday made me feel as if the holiday should not end. On my way to school, my Mum told me to be the good girl I’ve always been and I promised her that I will never disappoint her, she hugged me and I leaned my head on her shoulder and felt the true love of a mother for her child. My Mum gave me a gift wrapped in a shiny gold paper. I couldn’t wait to open the gift. When I did, what I saw surprised me; my Mum actually “swept” me off my feet. You wouldn’t believe what gift my Mum bought for me.

I’ll tell you about it in the next edition.

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