Games People Play: Seduction Lines and Responses

A lot of times, both girls and boys seduce each other, with flattery/polishing words and so on. Some teenagers shared some of the unforgettable comments passed by the opposite sex and their smart and cute response.

Guy: sex isn’t such a big deal. What are you waiting for?

Girl: I’m waiting for someone it’s a big deal with!


Girl: You should be flattered I don’t give my body to anyone.

Guy: I wouldn’t want to spoil your record!


Guy: you know ii would never do anything to hurt you.

Girl: That’s funny, what do you think this does?


Guy: If you love me, you’ll have sex with me.

Girl: if you really love me, you wouldn’t put this kind of pressure on me!


Girl: Are you trying to pick me up?

Guy: No, you are much too heavy!


Guy: I dream about making love to you.

Girl: Keep dreaming!


Guy: I’ll respect you in the morning

Girl: Good, I’ll see you in the morning then!


Guy: Where have you been all my life?

Girl: Hiding from you!

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