Growing Up Pains

By : Inyang D. Akpan 
Aiyedere/ Ajibola High School, Ketu, Lagos. 

GROWING UP! The thing just kind of creeps up on you unexpectedly. One day you are toddler and the next you’re… well, Grown! How does it happen anyway. When do we first notice that things aren’t and will never be the same again? Is it when our bodies starts ,making standing up and sitting down a little more difficult and star throwing little reminders like grey hairs on our face? Is it when time decides to stop crawling and starts flying? Nobody really knows for sure. I guess, you just get that nagging feeling when…

Once this happens know what you are in for it. You have changed from a “sisi” to a madam and you didn’t even know it. The first time is usually in a bus or taxi and you rush home to search for grey hairs and other disturbing signs of old age. Is your bum suddenly looking lower than usual? Is there really more than a sinking feeling in your chest area? Are those really laugh lines or wrinkles?

Another sure sign. Suddenly all those toddlers around your area have grown. They are all much taller than you and most of them are in the University. The boys (men)talk in gruff voices and the girls (women)have breasts; yes, real breasts. You want to run and hide anytime you’re called “Aunty”, thinking- “No way, I can’t be Aunty to anyone this old, or can I?”

You soon find out that, that particular phrase doesn’t apply to you anymore. Before it was when I grow up, I’ll be this or that. Now you know what you are and the refrain is more like: “When my children grow up”.


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