Poems – January 2014

Against Her Wish

She came into the world to succeed
Get a good education
And live a fulfilled life
Excellence was what she wished for

Fate put her in a community
Where her dreams were shortened
Her dreams became nightmares
What can she do now than to conform to the culture?

When she thought all hope was gone
Her nightmares became amazing smiles
She could go for what she dreamt of

What could she have done?
But for that little mighty chance
She found herself in the middle of ecstasy
That chance is empowerment
She can now live a fulfilled life.

John Oyadougha, 19 years (male)


Females Count!
It has been from the beginning of time
And lingered through many ages past /An abnormal ex- clusion has it been
But these days give a chance as we’ve seen

Discriminating against the female human species,
Nullifying their dreams and wannabes
Is nothing but a loss to nature
As it lacks their outputs as creatures

Empower a man, you have empowered his family
Empower a woman, you have empowered the nation
So they would achieve more in more than a few places
Working with smiles in winsome radiances

This is what people need to understand simply
Every individual counts under the clear blue sky
In every way, we all have things to offer
If we can take the leap, we’ll be better.

Noutouglo Ayodele, 19 years (male)


“Gender Equality; Girl Power”

Growing up, I felt intimidated
Never for once was I celebrated
All the boys, they got preferential treatment
Even at home, it wasn’t any different

We lived our lives in inferiority
Never believing in our capability
Some of us felt this abnormality
Others simply thought it was just part of humanity

Now I can tell because
I’ve learnt empowerment is the only weapon we possess
Success abounds but you need to search
Education is your one sure guide

Kunmilade Adedokun, 18 years (female)


The “She”

She walks with confidence
And works with determination
She uses the gifts of her hands
In acquiring wealth for the land

She becomes equipped with skills
And intelligent in brains
Shattered she becomes
At the cruel hands of culture

Oh! She sighs……
At the bliss of marriage
She stands at the edge
Longing to leave lest she perishes

A smile on her face
From overcoming the maze
She now knows to be true
It all begins and ends with you

Elizabeth Williams, 18 years, Female

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