Poems – June 1994

Poems by
New Ilavbare,
Baptist High School, Lagos


Life Is A Precious Gift
Life is a precious gift,
It is full of pleasure, wealth and pride.
The pleasure of life is happiness in all your doings.
The wealth of life is your ability of
Working towards success.
The pride of life is the purity of the body and soul.
Life has been misinterpreted by teenagers of today.
Some, have made AIDS their friends,
Drug Abuse has now become a means of feeling cool.
Abortion is now their hobby.
Teenagers, why do we destroy the future?
When life itself is so promising and precious.

Our World
People will talk of you.
When this you, remember me and bear me in your mind.
Let the world talk what they may.
As you find the truth is there.
Gazing along the broad, wide road
Behold the tallest stand.
From one place to another, they talk of you.
From friends to friends, I see the same.
I do not know whom to trust.
I have trusted many to my sorrows.
Friends today, enemies tomorrow.
Care not what people may say.
Look about yourself and do what is right.
Whatever you may do, move not a step without God.

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