Poems – June 1995

Rage of a Rape Victim

Every 3 minutes a woman is beaten

Every 5 minutes a woman is raped

Every 10 minutes a little girl is molested

Yet I made the subway today

I sat next to an old man who may have beaten his old wife

3 minutes ago or 3 days ago or 30 years ago

He might have sodomised his daughter but I sat there

Before I ride the subway or buy a paper or drink coffee from your hands

I must know

Have you hurt a woman today?

Did you beat a woman today

Throw a child across the room,

Are there little girls’ pants in your pocket

Did you hurt a woman today?

I have to ask these obscene questions

I must know you see the authorities require us to establish

Immediate cause

Every 3 minutes

Every 5 minutes

Every 10 minutes



Usually someone you know

May act “macho” or domineering

May have been abused during childhood

Acts normal, not insane

Is likely to assault again

Comes from all social strata

Doesn’t take responsibility for the harm he or she causes

Blames the victim and makes excuses

Has few close friends

Looking to overpower, and humiliate.

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