Poems – June 2009

by Mary Ukpa (15 years old)

Young but shy,
Like a bird with potentials but can’t fly
One day, I say always I will speak,
Without being shunned

I feel unwanted and discouraged,
Thus putting me in a state of insecurity,
Oh! When will I stop feeling like a midget?
When will I stop being afraid of my own shadow?

People look down on me.
Because I am shy and nervous
When will I summon up courage?
To mount the podium and speak out?

To prove to myself
That indeed, I can be an orator
Encouragement, I need
To overcome this challenge

Practice, they say makes perfect
I shall practice to be the best
Only the best is good for me
Watch out folks; an orator is in town

by Christabel Chidiebere (16 years old)

How many times have you had
Great ideas and sat silently?
Ideas that would have taken you higher.
But nervousness and fear overwhelmed you

Time and time again, you are called
To make a speech and improve yourself
Often times, you prefer staying away,
Than making an attempt

Get the courage and speak
Overcome nervousness and fear
Practice your speech diligently
And become a motivator

Being a good speaker is sheer gold
It breeds confidence and success
At public functions you are the king
Oh! Yes. You can be king.

by Chidiebere Amarachi (15 years old)

Nervous and frightened she stood,
As she looked at the crowd
Filled with expectant faces,
Waiting for her downfall
And jesters ready for a good laugh

She felt a fool, just standing there
When given the opportunity to prove herself,
She felt torn and distressed
Knowing this was more comfort than home
Where his family ridicules her at intervals

May be an encouragement could do the trick
But no body offered
Why would I care, she said to herself,
When nobody listened and appreciated me
I will just do what I am good at doing
And that is GIVING UP

Adults, encourage young people
For a better tomorrow
Parents, appreciate your wards
Give them a chance to prove themselves

by Mervis Emelife, Lagos

There used to be a time in my life
When I couldn’t stand before a crowd
I hated to see all eyes feasting on me
Then my knees would wobble and Ill break down

Whenever, someone climbed the podium to speak
I always sat, watching in awe of them
I wondered the sort of magic they used
That made them so confident of themselves

One day, I summoned enough courage
And talked to my school counselor
I told him I was petrified by attention
And never knew how to face an audience

He talked about confidence and self-esteem
Then gave me a book on public speaking
He said, the crowd would not bite me
But respect me for standing out

Gradually I came out of my cell
Practicing for days in front of a mirror
Now, my main source of livelihood
Is standing on a podium and speaking out loud

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