Poems – March 1995

Extracted from The Awareness: A Youth Counseling Centre

Girls take care
They put on innocent looks
They say I love you my sweet heart
They take you to romantic films
They tend to be too sweet and lovely at first
They take you to classic places
Leisure’s and even booze
Cakes, beaches, nightclubs and movies
A school girl at thirteen, to romantic films and nightclubs?
Hoping that you have got the best partner
Girls beware you can be victims
Get to know that they are lover boys
Just to ruin your lives and run away
They are good at loving and good at leaving
Teenage pregnancy is not your heritage so just say “NO”


by Adetola Bhadmus
Ex-student Evans Adelaja Girls’ Secondary School

I said he was cute
He said I was fine
But when the baby came,
He said it wasn’t mine’
You don’t need those homies
You don’t need the sugar – daddies
What you need is dignity
Your feminine pride
Your virginity
Keep it!
Keep it!
‘Cos once lost
Never to be regained!
They are not all the same
Is the watchword,
Not all that glitters is gold,
Not all that sparkles is diamond,
Behind everything they offer,
Financially especially,
There’s a string attached.
Every man is a poet when in lust,
They never seem to lack
Gentle, flattery words,
Girls comport yourselves,
Open your eyes and see these things
They say love is blind,
Do you have to be blind too?
Think of your dreams,
Your future and aspirations,
Girls, arise and think.

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