Poems – March 2003

A Tribute To Woman
by Tope Ogunlade

If only mouth can tell
Or eyes can disseminate the tidings
And if only expressions can carry out
The in-built tribute that belongs
That specially made machine
Highly sophisticated and complicated in nature
Tell her of her beauty
Her softness endurance and kindness
Her satisfactory behavior in and outside the home
Her designed breast to manufacture the food of life
And indirectly reminding her that
She will soon greet her father’s house ADIEU
And you know what
She’s capable of nurturing and caring for her seeds
Make known of her strength
The strength to carry her seed for nine months
What of the monthly experience
Taunting her that she’s the potential MOTHER

What of her sleepless night
When she had to watch over the baby
What of she that is mutilated
In the name of a custom and tradition
The queen of the home
Everything packed in one
A mother, confidant, sister, just name it
She is the pillar of any successful home
Tell her she’s cherished
Remind her she’s the symbol of strength and shelter
She’s always there for you and will always be the best.

Standing My Ground
by Olofinleye Funke

Under a palm tree, I took my sit
Thinking about my life and love
Taking in the fresh breeze of the sea
Looking over the tides of the approaching storm
I looked over me and what did I see?
My love. Come with me to the sea side he said
No, under the tree is where I’ll stay

Our Right Is Our Concern
by Otenaike Adetutu Tosin

Arise girls, women of our time
Let us kick against discrimination against women
We are regarded as fragile, weaker vessels
And told that our education ends in the kitchen

Our world has been turned around
We are deprived of our rights
Violated, maltreated and mutilated
Let us stand up therefore and fight for our rights
Let’s prove to the world that that we have something to offer
Let’s show the world that we can excel in all fields
And that we play a vital role in the development of our society
Arise girls, and claim that which is rightfully yours.

A New Day
by Helen Brown

This new day is given to us
Uncluttered, fresh and clean
Life begins each morning
And each morning is the open door
To a new world; new dreams and new opportunities
Every hour of the day and night
Is an unspeakable perfect miracle
No man ever sank beneath today’s burden
It is when tomorrow’s burden is added to today’s problem
That the weight is more than we can bear
Finish everyday and be done with it
A new day is magically filled with twenty-four new, fresh, unexplored hours
Yesterday’s troubles are in the past
Tomorrow’s may not be seen
Today’s hopes and invitations are just too dear
To waste a moment on yesterday’s
Start today well, in high spirits
Live a new day as if it were the first day you had ever seen
And the last day you’re going to see
Tomorrow belongs to no one
Just live one day at a time.

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