Poems – March 2010

Life’s Challenges
by Idongesit Young (Male, 17 years old)

When you have doubts about yourself,
About your worth, your values;

When you failed at life and the world weighs you down,
So you fall deeper in a hole,

When you cry, out but no one hears,
No one is there is wipe your tears,
No one is there when you need someone most;

When you feel there are limitations to your life and
You feel you can not achieve your dreams;

That’s when you have to wake up from your slumber,
Believe in yourself and in the power of change,
Even though you have shortcomings,
Acknowledge your potential and design your own destiny,
Then you’ll see that the sky will not be your limit, but your starting point.

The Gardener
by Cameron-Cole Babajide (Male, 16 years old)

The gardener is my true friend,
He has been there since I was a seed,
He helps water me with pure affection,
And protects me from weeds in my life,
The gardener tends me as I grow and blossom,
And bombards me with radiant beams of good counsel,
So I can now grow well and bear good fruits.

The Bully
by Etim-Ekpo Agnes (Female, 17 years old)

She pretends to be my friend,
But she deems me a fiend,
I never understood her,
Neither do I know her character.

She threatened to deal with me,
Trampling my self esteem,
And putting fear in me,
She goes about setting rules,
That gave us all roles.

She is a rule setter and pretender,
She is an intimidator and harasser,
She is a big bully,
With illicit policy.

It’s time to stand up to her!
Enough is enough!
I cannot be a doormat to her!
I have had enough!

by Atunbi Bukola, (Female, 17 years old)

There’s just one life to live,
Why not make good use of that opportunity,
You never can tell what tomorrow can bring,
Make hay while the sun shines.

Do your very best as you live each day,
Live like it’s the last one you are living.
Enjoy every moments as it lasts,
Do not waste one bit of time in your life span.

Brace up yourself the challenges of life,
Do not be a quitter, be a warrior.
Take this with you down the aisle of life;
L-love because that’s the greatest gift of life.
I-innovate at any given opportunity; you never can tell how many souls you’ll touch.
F-follow your mind in all you do in life.
E-endure all challenges that comes your way; with this you become a better person.

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