VOX POP: My Dreams And My Goals

Akintade Kayode (20)

“My long-term goal is to become an Accountant. The first thing I did in preparing for the course was to ask myself why I wanted to be an Accountant. I didn’t want to just study any course, I wanted something I knew I could excel in and since Accounts has always been a favorite study, I decided to go for it. I have been working very hard to ensure I achieve this goal. There are several exams I have to write and I attend lessons to help me prepare adequately. I also pray, as I believe that with God’s help and hard work on my path my dream will come true.”


Tenny Tunkarimu (18)

“My major goal is to become an architect in the next four years. Right now, I am preparing to write the forth-coming Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exams, which will enable me, gain admission into the University. To prepare adequately for the exams, I study everyday and attend classes at a coaching centre close to my house. However, I am also doing other things to develop my skills and learn new things. I am learning a lot. I am determined to put in all the effort I can, for my dreams to come true”.


Rukkie Idirigbe (18)

“My goal is to become a mass communicator in the next five years. I also hope to begin my master’s programme immediately I complete the National Youth Service. I have just finished my ordinary level examination and I’m preparing to write the JAMB exams. I am however keeping busy by working. I also go for lessons to enable me improve on my performance.


Soji Sode (20)

“I hope to become a successful chartered accountant in less than two years from now. Already, I’m in my third stage of the Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria (ICAN) exams and I’m a 200 level accounting student at the University of Lagos (UNILAG). To achieve my goal, I look up to successful people like Mr. Akintola Williams (an accomplished accountant) as role models. I feel role models are very important because they make you realize that if they could make it, you can make it also, after writing the ICAN exams, I intend to work with an editing firm to practice what I’ve learnt”.


Babatunde Olumuyiwa (17)

“I am not yet in the University but when I do get in, I hope to study computer engineering. However, I attend a computer school to keep busy and get me prepared for the course I’d like to read in the University. I also read a lot of books on computers. Apart from finding them insightful, I also find them interesting. I have also met several computer engineers and I ask them questions about what it takes to succeed in the profession. I hope to own a firm of my own by the time I’m forty years old.


Maureen Esokawu (19)

“My goal is to become a Newscaster. I have always admired newscasters and this was what informed my decision. To prepare for this goal, I ensured that I studied art subjects while I was in the secondary school. The only challenge I have right now is to pass my JAMB exams. I am studying hard for the exams by going through and answering many past questions to enable me understand the subject better”.

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